What we do – Collaborative finance via crowdfunding and more…

Every idea starts with a problem. 
Ours was simple: Crowdfunding is complicated and has forgotten basic consumers’ needs on its rise for a collaborative finance, focusing on investors and savers. 

Information necessary to properly understand crowdfunding and to evaluate investment risks are a shortcoming and almost a complete fall-out. The multiplication of user experiences and account creations on different crowdfunding platforms are fastidious, yet essential to have at least a handful of crowdfunding opportunities to compare with and to challenge.

We were amazed at how hard it is to find relevant information and investment opportunities, to compare, to evaluate risks, to invest and at the end to keep the overview over our transactions to manage and to pilot our investments. The information was spread about as many online interfaces and accounts of crowdfunding platforms as we had subscribed to.

It turns out there was a simple explanation.
Crowdfunding today is dominated by silo thinking. This is resulting in thousands of crowdfunding platforms and just as many user experiences and user interfaces worldwide. Market authorities are crafting rules and regulations as market bulwarks on national levels and limited to geographical territories. And this despite today's online and digitized world and the online-based crowdfunding. At the end, consumers are left behind, operating in those silos as only option they get. Where were the alternatives?

We started hubokee to give savers and investors a real alternative. To empower people to give impetus and meaning to their financial assets and investments through an understandable and transparent collaborative finance.
By circumventing silo thinking and harmonizing processes. By crafting a new mindset with user experiences that are built around consumers’ needs. A mindset backed by innovations, technologies, processes and information to make crowdfunding easy. In engaging with consumers directly, we’re able to provide i) transparency, choice and diversity of international investment opportunities across all crowdfunding types, geographies, and topics in a single access to boost personal financial assets and investments, ii) tools and services to compare, simulate, manage and pilot investments, iii) the right information, necessary for the proper understanding of crowdfunding.

We believe that …
creating financial assets and investing money should be accessible, understandable, transparent and fun. Investing money should give you a good conscience and make you proud. It should give you the opportunity to impact society and to contribute to the creation of jobs, the change of paradigms, the implementation of innovations and to boost the real economy at understandable and appreciable risks.

We also believe that everybody has the right to create financial assets, independent from one’s background, prior knowledge or financial means.

To help address this challenge in society, hubokee partners with crowdfunding platforms and global players of the FinTech (Finance & Technology) industry to democratize crowdfunding and allow:

  • easy access for savers and investors worldwide, to boost, diversify and give meaning to their financial assets,
  • to pave the way of financial streams and money into the real economy – in opposition to booming global stock markets.
  • money reaches ventures and innovations of those who make our clothes, grow our food...

There’s nothing complicated about it. It’s just “Crowdfunding made easy” to diversify your financial assets and boost meaningful investments.

Think bigger – do bigger: A glimpse inside hubokee


If you want to understand hubokee, you have to understand the beginning of our story. Our entrepreneurial adventure is based on our entrepreneurial and social values that bring us together. We associate our enthusiasm and dedication to entrepreneurship with our motto “think bigger – do bigger”.

Click here for a glimpse inside hubokee

Our ambition is paving and walking new ways through disruptive innovations, leading to collaborative finance. A concept of transformation of today's financial industry towards a financial world, aimed at savers and investors. A collaborative finance that is giving them (back) voice and power over their savings and investment decisions and their follow-up of savings plans and financial assets. Where savers and investors are empowered and encouraged to participate in. A financial world which is understandable, transparent, and meaningful.

Trust & transparency – Strong values at the very core of our DNA


At hubokee, we put in place all information necessary for adequate decision making, the evaluation of investment risks and the understanding of crowdfunding. Our goal is to be THE reference and trusted brand in crowdfunding to invest, lend or donate into the real economy. Consumer protection, consumer information and transparency are the focus of our attention.

We are committed together with our business partners to:

  • respect andshape crowdfunding regulations established by regulators and supervisory authorities, 
  • obtain and maintain the necessary authorizations of investment management and advisory as well as financial transaction,
  • put in place the technological and financial processes and IT infrastructure to assure the protection of consumer data, privacy and the management of consumer relations. Our approach allows us to overachieve GDPR compliance and to apply it to all our international members. The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the strictest existing legal framework put in action since May 25, 2018, that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information of individuals within the European Union.

Give meaning to your money (back)... through collaborative finance


You are re-empowered to invest, lend or donate according to your personal preferences, personal convictions, areas of interests, and values. At hubokee, we help you to deploy your super powers with our approach of a participatory and collaborative finance through crowdfunding.

You have super powers. Watch the video how we help you to deploy them

hubokee transforms the financial world in facilitating access to crowdfunding investment opportunities. Complementary alternatives to traditional financial investment tools such as savings account, life insurances and overnight money deposits. Opportunities where you understand the purpose of your investment. For example, in lending your money for sustainable development of a company, bundled with a return on investment in accordance with your chosen level of investment risk. Or a donation to charitable causes.

Creating together the world we want to live in… with collaborative finance


Our approach of a participatory and collaborative finance strives to reinforces the pure meaning of the idea "CROWDFUNDING". We concentrate all our energy and effort on the “crowd” – you get to the heart of if all.

Our approach translates into valuing your ambitions, personal convictions and goals that are our credentials to rethink and impact the financial world.

We believe that crowdfunding makes THE difference in your live.

Create your single access to crowdfunding and discover the opportunities we and our partners propose to you to create, boost, diversify and give meaning to your financial assets.