#02 – 3 reasons why crowdfunding concerns you when saving or investing your money

Do you want to create your financial assets, to boost your savings or your investments and put into action your projects in life?

Benefit of a new approach: a collaborative finance thanks to crowdfunding. A financial world that gives you back the possibility to master again your investment decisions and choice. New means to uphold your areas of interest, preferences, and personal values. An opportunity to give meaning to your savings and investments. A meaning which you find in contributing to overcome social, societal, ecological, technological, industrial and economic challenges of today’s society.

Don’t wait any longer and start generating your financial wealth. Discover the three (3) reasons why collaborative finance via crowdfunding concerns also you.

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2nd reason – A new way to approach the financial world  

You are tempted to give meaning your money by supporting projects that matter to you? That are matching to your motivations and values in the following areas: 

  • social: I participate in giving answer to an aging society through personal care services
  • societal: I participate in the creation of future mobility with self-service electric bikes and scooters
  • ecological: I participate to environmental balance for future generations through the clean-up of oceans as well as preventive measures
  • technological: I participate in the medication and healthcare of the future through 3D bio-printing (protheses, orthoses, …)
  • industrial: I participate in sustainable development to minimize the ecological footprint 
  • economical: I participate in the creation of jobs 

You are proudly defending your values and are giving meaning to your money.

Give (back) meaning to your money (savings and investments) while respecting your areas of interest, preferences, values… 

Collaborative finance through crowdfunding is meeting your wish to give meaning to your money. 
You donate, lend or invest your money while knowing its purpose (For whom? Why? How?).

You choose the investment opportunities that matter to you most and which are matching to your values.

Thanks to these investments, you diversify and boost your financial assets:

  • through different crowdfunding types (equity, lending, bonds, royalties, real estate …),
  • in various businesses, markets and industries (environment, (renewable) energies, health, technology, agriculture, sport, food, real estate …),
  • in different geographies (regional, national, international)


+++ The 3rd and last article of our series “3 reasons why collaborative finance through crowdfunding concerns you” explains you how you become a leading player in collaborative finance. A financial world in which you have the opportunity to integrate into the concept of financial gain aspects such as social, societal  and sustainable development. +++

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