#03 – 3 reasons why crowdfunding concerns you when saving or investing your money

Do you want to create your financial assets, to boost your savings or your investments and put into action your projects in life?

Benefit of a new approach: a collaborative finance thanks to crowdfunding. A financial world that gives you back the possibility to master again your investment decisions and choice. New means to uphold your areas of interest, preferences, and personal values. An opportunity to give meaning to your savings and investments. A meaning which you find in contributing to overcome social, societal, ecological, technological, industrial and economic challenges of today’s society.

Don’t wait any longer and start generating your financial stability and assets.

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3rd reason – Create a difference and impact society by contributing to its social, societal and economic evolution

You strive for financial gain with your savings and investments, but not only? Remain the commander on board with your new abilities in a collaborative finance to master your savings and investment. Give meaning to your money through a choice and diversity only crowdfunding offers today. Your holding the trump cards in your hands to impact and contribute to the transformation of society in areas such as:

  • social: I participate in facilitating access to education for young generations with the creation of schools and universities, 
  • societal: I participate in the balance of our society by reducing income/wealth inequality and by creating chances for everybody to become successful in once domain,
  • ecologic: I participate in the creation of renewable energies to limit and avoid further CO2 emissions,
  • technologic: I participate in the digital transformation of consumer-centered services,
  • industry: I participate in the improvement of working conditions in terms of health and security,
  • economic: I participate in supporting start-up companies and SMEs. Those companies who are taking risks and create jobs and boost the economy, 

… to name only a few some examples.

Be a leading player in collaborative finance – become an impact investor

With collaborative finance through crowdfunding, your investment, loan or donation offers you much more than a financial gain or the satisfaction of supporting a charitable and humanitarian cause or innovative company. Your investment in company shares (equity crowdfunding) lets you experience an entrepreneurial adventure like the entrepreneur himself. Your loan to a company supports growing its business activity, launching new products, driving innovation, creating jobs or reinforcing sustainable development.

As Impact Investor, you want more than just financial gain. You would like to impact society and to change it together with the crowdfunding community in social, societal, ecological, technological, industrial and economic areas.

Create the society in which you want to live

Your investments and savings contribute to the creation of a society in which you want to live, and which is in line with your values. A society that welcomes future generations and gives them the opportunity to evolve in respect of natural resources, the environment and equal chances:

  • between men and women
  • between generations
  • between countries.

Sharing your values with the crowdfunding community makes THE difference to stand together, to act together. These common values materialize through the challenge and change of existing paradigms.

You are holding the trump cards in your hands: with a brick, you can break windows or build houses. It is your choice.

Start today. Participate and act to build the society in which you want to live. Start the adventure by clicking right here

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