#01 – 3 reasons why crowdfunding concerns you when saving or investing your money

Do you want to create your financial assets, to boost your savings or your investments and put into action your projects in life?

Benefit of a new approach: a collaborative finance thanks to crowdfunding. A financial world that gives you back the possibility to master again your investment decisions and choice. New means to uphold your areas of interest, preferences, and personal values. An opportunity to give meaning to your savings and investments. A meaning which you find in contributing to overcome social, societal, ecological, technological, industrial and economic challenges of today’s society.

Don’t wait any longer and start generating your financial wealth. Discover the three (3) reasons why collaborative finance via crowdfunding concerns also you.

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1st reason – master again your investment decisions and choice

In the age of internet and e-commerce, you claim as consumer to gain transparency over product, services and company information during your decision and purchase. Consumer power that you (re)discover and enforce as your right towards companies and markets. It translates into tools and services such as the comparison of products and offers (flights, hotels, credits, insurances, …) that appeared to consider and adapt them to your consumer power and your needs of information, understanding, transparency and trust.

The financial industry is still at the beginning of its transformation. Today, it is the next industry, to which this new way of consumption is being imposed. Finally, it forces the industry’s players – traditional financial institutions & FinTech – to adapt themselves and to refocus on you, that consumer.

Financial institutions no longer hold exclusivity about information and knowledge. They not taking any more financial decisions when it should be your informed decision. As a result, you have the possibility to redirect your savings and investments to financial products that are, beyond financial gain, relevant to you and that are matching to your areas of interest, preferences, etc. You remain informed about purpose and use of your savings and investments (To whom? What for? How?)

In collaborative finance with crowdfunding, products, tools and services are focusing on the consumer and offer him opportunities to use in full his consumer power and ability to inspire new consumer perception in three categories.

1st Ability - Choose easily the type of investment 

As consumer, you get to choose to save and invest your money with in participating to collaborative finance. You remain the commander on board and pick the: 

- type of crowdfunding to save or invest your money (company shares, loan, real estate, bonds, royalties, …)

- company, industry and topic (environment, (renewable) energies, health, technology, agriculture, sport, food, real estate, …)

- geography (worldwide market, specific country, particular region, …).

Ultimately, you take independent decisions and know to whom you’re giving your money, how it is being used, and for what purpose.

2nd Ability – Imagine and create together products & services of tomorrow

Together with the community of a financial world focused on consumers, you are part of the decision makers who, all together, influence with their investment the market entry of products or services. You get to influence the creation of products and services as well as company and entrepreneurial decisions directly.

A way to rethink the rules of financial flows, finance in general and of consumption behavior. An opportunity to contribute to the creation and conception of products. The opposite approach, in which you imagine the products you want to buy. An approach in which you employ, as consumer, companies and entrepreneurs who are at your service to develop the solutions and answers you’re craving for.

3rd Ability – Tearing down walls and barriers between consumers & companies

This new consumer power allows you to express your needs and address them to entrepreneurs in a direct way. An opportunity to create a privileged relationship with project owners and establish a genuine dialogue which is building the companies, products and services of tomorrow.

You’re about to become a co-producer, co-creator and co-entrepreneur. Use this opportunity to influence the conception and production of future products and services.


+++ The 2nd article of our series explains how you can give (back) meaning to your savings and investments in general. A collaborative finance that is respecting your areas of interest, preferences, values, …  +++

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