5 reasons to invest in the economy to give meaning back to our money

You can soon discover in our information hub articles about crowdfunding helping you do better understand this new alternative to invest your money. Our ambition is to enable each and every one to be invested in crowdfunding in complete transparency to become a showcase of this alternative finance market. It is the reason why one of our priorities is communications, sufficient and relevant information and content at your fingertips.

Crowdfunding made easy to foster interaction of investors and project owners

This content is dedicated to each of us. We offer to decipher the vocabulary, the financial wording and specialized jargon such as for example: crowdfunding, crowdlending, crowd equity, crowd donation,…

We facilitate the dialogue and interactions for our community to foster an approach allowing all of us to become a player in the economy.

Why is crowdfunding concerning me?

We follow one goal: Bringing back meaning to our money… thanks of crowdfunding.

For hubokee, there exist an alternative you can choose to invest your money according to your charitable or capitalistic preference. An opportunity to decide if we donate, lend or invest based on our common values shared in crowdfunding.

The alternative finance represents a real opportunity for each one of us to manage his financial assets differently.

You choose to make a donation, lending or invest your money. Starting with the first dollar, crowdfunding gives you the possibility to invest according to your financial means, interests, convictions, competencies and knowledge.