A financial world for the people, by the people

Whatever one might say of it, the democratization of the savings account is not only a question of the offer. Rethink the experience of [saving and investing moneyand adjust it to the contemporary society is the first and foremost need. The savings account is not “just about” the accumulation of money. It’s also about the optimization of capital for the purpose of buying home, travel… in short, living one’s life!”, Gauillaume-Olivier Doré, CEO and founder of mieuxplacer.com – published in Les Echos.

At hubokee, we imagine the collaborative finance aimed at savers and investors. A financial world that gives you (back) voice and power about your savings and investment decisions.

As easy as 1-2-3

With new customer experiences for a financial world of tomorrow, we give you the necessary information to understand:

No need of a finance degree in order to learn and understand

Learn and understand collaborative finance. Be aware of investment risks and find what appears you most suitable and matches best with your areas of interest, preferences, personal values, knowledge and financial capacity to crowdfund in 

  • diverse domains, industries & markets (environment, (renewables) energies, health, technology, agriculture, sports, food, real estate …) 
  • via all types of crowdfunding (equity, lending, real estate, bonds, royalties, donation …)! 

Whether you are a rookie, an early adaptor and pioneer or an experienced in crowdfunding. With hubokee you find information necessary to your correct understanding of collaborative finance through crowdfunding.

As Guillaume-Olivier Doré, founder of the online savings plan website mieuxplacer.com, precises, “The necessary financial education […] is above all rooted in good user experience. [Savers and investors] want to understand the management of their money while enjoying it and having fun.

A new customer experience – the ABC of a customer-centric financial world

In a single access, we create you a customer experience focused on you to answer your needs of:

A) transparency, choice and diversity of information and investment opportunities to boost your savings and financial assets, 

B) tools and services to keep the overview of your financial assets and compare, simulate, choose, pilot and manage your investments,

C) the right information at the right timeto take your investment decisions, evaluate risks and give meaning to your money in investing in the real economy while knowing how your money is being used, to whom it is given and for what purpose it is used.

Your areas of interest, preferences, personal values, knowledge and financial capability is at the heart of our activity. It means for you to have:

  • the broadest customer experience: a single account which offers variety, wide choice and real diversity of crowdfunding,
  • personalized & simplified: your needs are to 100% considered and respected,
  • assisted: tools and services are at your fingertips to remain the commander on board.

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Source : Les Echos – Épargne : à quand une réelle démocratisation ?