hubokee pitch - crowdfunding made easy

hubokee - the international marketplace of investment opportunities in crowdfunding

In the following video, hubokee presents its leitmotiv "crowdfunding made easy". We explain in brief hubokee's innovations, added values and services offered to today's consumers, allowing our clients to:

  • access information to learn and understand collaborative finance, 
  • access the broadest crowdfunding offer in a single point of entry, 
  • compare, simulate, invest and manage your money. 

Additional services are introduced alongside our simplified consumer experience in crowdfunding.

(video in French only - translation of the video content is available in written form below)

Translation of the video content

Hello, I’m François.
Hello, I’m Dominique.

What I like about Dominique is his ability to imagine the impossible and make it possible by overcoming any limitations or barriers.
What I like about François is his energy and drive he puts in action to achieve appointed objectives.

What we like about hubokee is its consumer first approach, focusing on providing

  • information to learn and understand collaborative finance,
  • choice and diversity of crowdfunding investment opportunities in a centralized access,
  • solutions and services to compare, simulate, invest and manage his money,
  • a unique and simplified consumer experience.

hubokee is a start-up in crowdfunding, a young, fast-growing and worldwide market. To become the daily routine and lifestyle of consumers, the crowdfunding industry needs to be accessible and offer simplified applications. It is where the company’s leitmotiv has its true value: “Crowdfunding made easy”. 

To establish and achieve this “crowdfunding made easy”, we boost and introduce innovations throughout the whole value chain. For example through:

  • an algorithm based on affinity and behavior to present investment opportunities,
  • a robot advice to facilitate consumer-machine-finance interactions, or 
  • the adaptation of financial and payment streams to our operating model

Almost everything today is for free in the internet. So is the access to hubokee’s services of which consumers benefit free of charge. 

However, our company receives a commission based on collected funds. This commission varies according to the crowdfunding type and the level of services chosen by the partnering crowdfunding platforms.

Our business model is based on multiple sources to generate revenues which are detailed in our business plan.

We strive forward to make hubokee a vital champion of crowdfunding. Participate and join on our side the adventure.