hubokee receives financial support and endorsement by the French Public Investment Bank BPI with the "Bourse French Tech"

The start-up hubokee receives subsidy via the "Bourse French Tech" program from the French Public Investmen Bank (BPI France) which contributes in particular to:

  • develop the company's algorithme, 
  • design the online interface and  
  • implement a pioneering consumer experience in crowdfunding which puts consumers back in the center of action

to create and manage themselves their financial assets and invest in the economy based on common values.

hubokee's ambition - make crowdfunding easy for consumers

The start-up's ambition is to ease access to investment opportunities via le crowdfunding. Its leitmotiv "Crowdfunding made easy" articulates hubokee's objective to offer choic and diversity to consumers worldwide across all crowdfunding types (equity, lending, real estate, securities & bonds, donation...) and all topics (culture, agriculture, gastronomy, environment, sciences, solidarity, enterprises...).

hubokee expresses its sincere appreciation to France’s Public Investment Bank (BPI) and its teams for their confidence and support during the market launch of

+info: Become today beta-tester & discover a crowdfunding made easy by hubokee

More about:
The "Bourse French Tech" program of France's Public Investment Bank (BPI France) aims at encouraging and foster the risk taking of entrepreneurs by supporting the creation of innovative companies. The program allows companies with a strong growth potential to incur first expenses for their market launch after assessment of the project's risks and strategy.

The "Bourse French Tech" is a financial support and can go up to € 45 000 (US$52 500).