hubokee wins 24-hours challenge ‘Les Pépites Tech’ of the international FrenchTech

hubokee wins the first place “Les Pépites Tech” of November 30, 2017. The challenge is regularly launched during 24 hours between six start-ups new to the international FrenchTech industry.

hubokee convinced the community in proposing choice between investment opportunities of crowdfunding and diversity among all crowdfunding types and topics. With its international marketplace, the startup of the French FinTech (finance and technology) industry offers the possibility to form and manage private assets, complementary to existing traditional financial products.

Crowdfunding made easy - a novelty in the financial world

The start-up hubokee introduces with its leitmotiv “Crowdfunding made easy” a novelty in the financial industry. The approach includes an innovative consumer experience that puts users’ preferences, areas of interest, and common values back in the center of action.

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The network “Les Pépites Tech”, official partner of FrenchTech, is a social and collaborative business directory representing French startups of the entire world. The organization defines as its mission to bring together the world-spanning FrenchTech networks and French entrepreneurship.