hubokee partners with French crowdfunding platform Les Entreprêteurs

The German-French FinTech hubokee, international collaborative finance hub, goes online with its aggregation solution and LES ENTREPRETEURS, the first French partnering crowdfunding platform.

The partnership with LES ENTREPRETEURS fosters as a first step lending or investments in small to medium enterprises (SME) as well as intermediate-sized companies (ETI) in France. The platform LES ENTREPRETEURS creates tailer-made financial solutions for institutions, franchise networks, broker networks, asset managers, portfolio managers and professional organizations in general.

The start-up hubokee allows investors to diversify and manage their financial assets in a one-stop shop for crowdfunding. Investors find across all crowdfunding types a vast choice of industries and markets to invest, lend or donate their money. A unique opportunity to contribute to the development of companies, creation of innovations and jobs as well as social transformation, society change and sustainable development.

The variety of investment opportunities will be continuously extended and completed with additional partnerships by the end of 2019.


About hubokee

The start-up hubokee is an online collaborative finance marketplace that integrates technologies and 100% consumer-centric services thanks to its inclusion of FinTech companies and financial institutions. The FinTech company hubokee eases the act to invest, lend or donate to local, national and international crowdfunding. With its toolbox, for example to compare and calculate investments, hubokee simplifies and harmonizes the access to investment opportunities while putting investors at the center of action. 

By covering all crowdfunding types (equity, real estate, royalties, bonds, lending, donation) and a broad selection of industries and markets (SMEs, agriculture, environment, health, food, technology, renewable energies, sport, etc.), hubokee fosters engagement of the general public in the real economy. It translates into contributing to the development of companies and creation of jobs, boosting innovation, social change and sustainable development. 

Investors are onboarding and immerse in a new customer experience from login to payment and management of their investments via a single financial cockpit. 

In a nutshell: A financial world for the people, by the people.