hubokee selected FrenchTech 'Start-up of the Week'

hubokee is selected "Start-up of the Week" in the international FrenchTech network organized by "Les Pépites Tech", after already winning the 24-hour challenge on November 30, 2017. The industry's business directory launches regularly the 7-day contest (monday through sunday) to select the top three (3) start-up companies among some 40 start-ups new to the FrenchTech industry worldwide.

Choice and diversity of crowdfunding in a single access

hubokee offers to consumers around the globe the possibility to create and manage themselves their financial assets, complementary to existing traditional financial products and services. Through hubokee's international hub (marketplace) of investment opportunities worldwide in crowdfunding, consumers gain in a single access, choice and diversity to invest, lend or donate money via crowdfunding across all types (equity, lending, real estate, securities & bonds, donation...) and all topics (technology, sport, real estate, health, food, energy, fashion...)

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The FrenchTech has seen rapid growth of its community made up of a new generation of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers and innovators of all disciplines. Backed by the French government and French President Emmanuel Macron, the initiative "La French Tech" is led by entrepreneurs for France to become a "Start-up Nation" and home of vibrant tech hubs in some 20 FrenchTech cities worldwide and more than 9 500 start-ups.

The network “Les Pépites Tech”, official partner of FrenchTech, is a social and collaborative business directory representing French startups of the entire world. The organization defines as its mission to bring together the world-spanning FrenchTech networks and French entrepreneurship.