Crowdfunding made easy

Whether you are a rookie or experienced, you get with hubokee the services you need to invest, lend or donate your money in investment opportunities matching to your area of interest, preferences and common values shared with others in crowdfunding.

To find the best suitably opportunity according to your criteria and preferences, we group in a single point:

  • all information necessary for your proper understanding of crowdfunding
  • investment opportunities worldwide, independent of their origin.


What’s more? With hubokee you have a package of services at your fingertips, simplifying your crowdfunding in local, national and even international economies. You benefit of:

  • information to learn and better understand collaborative finance (crowdfunding),
  • the broadest crowdfunding offer in a single point of entry,
  • simplified consumer process and consumer-centered crowdfunding experience,
  • broad choice across all crowdfunding types (equity, lending, real estate, securities, bonds, donation...) and diversity (all topics such as technology, culture, environment, energy, agriculture, sciences, sport, health, food...) of crowdfunding opportunities to select your investment, lending or donation,
  • your interests matching to your capacity to invest,
  • possibility to compare your selected crowdfunding opportunities,
  • simplified transactions to invest, lend or donate your money
  • simple and accessible portfolio cockpit to centralize all your investments 

and tomorrow still many other services…

In accordance with crowdfunding rules and regulations


Crowdfunding is an integral part of the financial industry, regulated by authorities of this financial sector. Indeed, making a donation is rather a force of your heart. Lending or investing in equity represents on the other hand a risk. The consumer protection is at the heart of our approach, that’s why we commit ourselves to:

  • respect crowdfunding regulations established by regulators and supervisory authorities. 
  • obtain and maintain the necessary statutes to financial intermediation
  • put in place the financial processes and IT infrastructure to assure the protection of consumer data, customer privacy and the management of consumer relations
  • rigorously select crowdfunding platforms, our key partners in charge of evaluating, qualifying and rating the richest diversity of investment opportunities.

Our approach is based on creating consumer transparency and information for decision making and better evaluation of financial risks.