What we do – Crowdfunding and more…

hubokee is an innovative start-up of the FinTech (finance and technology) industry, specializing in crowdfunding. We deploy our marketing and communications expertize, to translate human interaction in the digital financial world into an investor experience that puts consumers back in the center of action.

With our leitmotiv “Crowdfunding made easy”, we transform the financial world in which financial services and technologies are thought consumer first.

Imagine a world in which you are the hero… with crowdfunding

Imagine your money stops sleeping in your bank account. Imagine you're investing your money while not only knowing but deciding yourself its purpose. 

Imagine you would be a direct contributor in the production of goods, services and the creation of jobs and companies - a hero of entrepreneurs, businees founders and your local, national, and the international economy.

hubokee transforms the financial world in facilitating access to investment opportunities that are complementary alternatives to traditional financial investment tools such as life insurances and overnight money deposits. Opportunities allowing you to understand the purpose of your investment, loan or donation. Your money that contributes to charitable purposes or to sustainable economic development bundled with a return on investment in accordance with your chosen level of investment risks.

Give meaning to our money… through crowdfunding

Do you want to give your money and investments a meaning back? What if we tell you about crowdfunding as investment alternative, complementary to existing traditional once? An opportunity that is re-empowering you to invest, lend or donate according to your preferences, convictions, areas of interests, and values.

Crowdfunding is an approach that lets you independently manage your financial assets. From the very first dollar on you're able to streamline and monitor your investment portfolio while creating your own customized mix of investment in different types, industries, markets and even products or causes. 

Shared common values to gain more… with collaborative finance

Your investment, loan or donation through crowdfunding gives you more in return than just financial gains or the satisfaction of supporting a charitable cause.

Your investment in a company (shares) is like a ticket to board an entrepreneurial adventure alongside the entrepreneur. Your loan on the other hand is letting you participate in the challenge of market launches of new products, services and innovations or simply helping to grow a company's activity thus creating jobs. With your donation you contribute alongside common values you share with the community, gain recognition and participate to a charitable cause you value.

Changing the world we know with crowdfunding

hubokee's approach reinforces the pure essence and meaning of the idea "CROWDFUNDING". It means that we put all our focus on the word “crowd” – you and the crowdfunding community. Rethinking the financial world by taking into account your aspirations, values and goals translates for hubokee in creating the fundamentals necessary for crowdfunding: 
think consumer-first.

Our belief is that crowdfunding only finds and takes its place in our everyday life, if people feel involved and can become the easiest way possible part of it. That’s why with hubokee we are rethinking the financial world and crowdfunding while putting you as contributor in the center of all our actions – "Crowdfunding made easy".

Think bigger – The story of hubokee

If you want to understand hubokee, you have to understand the beginning of our story as two co-founders behind. Our adventure begins based on our entrepreneurial values and experiences that bring us together as well as our enthusiasm and dedication to entrepreneurship which we associate with our motto “think bigger”.

Our ambition is to paving and walking new ways, leading to a new financial world – understandable, transparent, and meaningful. In doing so, we take particularly into account the various motivations and interests of people to put them first in the process of imaginating and creating consumer-centric investment opportunities and services.

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