Selection is key

Multiple actors interact in crowdfunding - project owners who are asking your money to fund their idea and project, crowdfunding platforms who identify, select, qualify and accompany the projet owner and last but not least you who contributes with your donation, lending or investment of your capital to investment opportunities presented.

hubokee reinforces the consideration and integration of consumer interests and needs in crowdfunding with our selection of partnering crowdfunding platforms. It is an additional level of selection to the existing process applied by crowdfunding platforms to select and qualify investment opportunities. Hence, hubokee is contributing to broaden crowdfunding through diversity and choice as well as information and transparency necessary for consumer confidence in alternative investment opportunities.

Selection of crowdfunding platforms carried out with due diligence

At hubokee we understand that we play an important role to inspire confidence in crowdfunding through the selection of collaborating crowdfunding platforms. This selection is our guiding principle to present you crowdfunding investment opportunities you can trust.

hubokee put in place a selection and qualification procedure of our business partners which obliges partnering crowdfunding platforms to respect a required level of expertise - defined by hubokee in compliance with applying rules and regulations - to reinforce particularly our customer protection and consumer protection in general.

As a first step, hubokee analyzes the website of the partnering crowdfunding platform to verify its compliance with existing rules and regulations. The criteria to select and qualify project owners and projects implemented by the partnering platform are determining conditions for a collaboration.

Furthermore, hubokee meets the team and people behind the scenes to ensure the implementation and application of our values - compliance, trust & transparency - and allow a reliable long-term collaboration.

In a second step, hubokee verifies the respect of criteria vital for the sound management of financial operations, such as:

  • identity of the management,
  • value proposition,
  • selection process,
  • statistics (especially the default rate), and 
  • issues linked to rules and regulations such as the maintain of the authorization necessary to be an actor in crowdfunding, the registration at ORIAS (French register of insurance, banque and finance intermediaries), and the professional liability insurance coverage. 

Audits are regularly carried out by hubokee to assure compliance with all criteria by our partnering platforms.

Assessment of crowdfunding investment opportunities

The assessment of investment opportunities / projects in crowdfunding is based on specific know-how and expertise to identify and assess reliable opportunities.

First and foremost it is a particular knowledge as projects are driven and managed by people and require the evaluation of their ability to well manage their project.

Secondly, the assessment from a financial viewpoint to ensure the financial stability and well being of the company or project owner. 

And thirdly, the know-how to analyze all business aspects of a project in terms of market knowledge, its characteristics, and a viable business model.