And what are your life-changing decisions?

Are you looking for new ways to give meaning to your money while creating and boosting your financial assets and put into action your projects in life? 

Do you also recognize yourself in one of those following situations and sayings?

“Life is to short” You know exactly what to strive for in life, but you need the extra-cash? Start working on your bucket-list by investing today to tackle tomorrow your “to dos” on your list.

“I have a dream” You wish to finally afford that one thing you were waiting for so long? Make it happen, what are you waiting for? Begin investing in your dream starting today.

“It is a girl/a boy” Your family is growing? How about an adequate housing for more space? Or how about sending the kids to school/university one day?

“Once retired, I will…” Remembering your retirement promise you’ve given to yourself? One day you will do all these great projects, adventures and travels? Well guess what? Today is that day to start working on your financial assets allowing you to keep your promise.

“One day, when I’m older” Growing up also means to manage your own financials. And you can’t learn that early enough, do you?

“As long as you live under my roof…” Who doesn’t remember this sentence? Stand on your own feet starting today. It means also financially.

What are your big decisions in life?
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It's as easy as 1-2-3

Whether you are a rookie, an early adaptor and pioneer or an experienced in crowdfunding. With hubokee you find information necessary to your correct understanding of:

  • crowdfunding,
  • collaborative finance, and 
  • the creation of financial assets and personal wealth through crowdfunding.

+++ Crowdfunding is the investment (equity, lending or donation) in projects or ventures from a large number of people (the crowd) via the internet. These people collaboratively invest and support financially a project or venture with their investment or donation. +++

+++ Collaborative finance aims at savers and investors. It gives them (back) a voice and power about their savings and financial assets. It is the concept of a financial world that empowers poeple. A financial world which is understandable, transparent, and meaningful. +++

hubokee is your superstore of collaborative finance. Surrounded with the broadest choice & diversity of investment opportunities together with financial tools, which simplify your decision to invest, lend or donate…

  • in diverse domains, industries & markets: environment, (renewable) energies, cultural heritage, health, technology, agriculture, sports, food, real estate, …
  • in different locations (international, national, regional, local)
  • via all types of crowdfunding: equity, lending, real estate, bonds, royalties, donation.

You're in the right place if you face these problems

  • You have some euros at the end of the month to make likely more out of your money and give it a meaning instead inflation is eating your money up little by little, while it sleeps in your bank account.
  • You have little enjoyment and profitability with your money in your savings plan, bank deposits, life insurance, … and you don't feel really involved, satisfied or concerned by those traditional financial services and means at lowest rates.
  • A simple task as investing your money has been made complicated.
  • You want to understand and to know, how and for what purpose your invested or donated money is used and to whom it is given.
  • You like to boost and diversify your savings and investments through complementary alternatives to traditional financial products with real choices of investment opportunities across different industries, markets, domains, countries & regions, and investments types.
  • You don’t know where to start as you’re coming across multiple traditional and new online financial institutions that all offer the same financial products and services, not always easy to understand and above all, rarely traceable.
  • You have limited control and knowledge about your investments.
  • You look for simple and understandable processes with 360° services driven to 100% by your needs to follow up, manage and pilot your crowdfunding activities.
  • You seek beyond financial gain to impact and shape society with your investment or donation for example in the domains of (renewable) energies, environment, agriculture & food, healthcare or economy, thus giving meaning to your savings and investments.

At hubokee, we help Impact Investors to have the broadest variety of crowdfunding opportunities, an complementary alternativel to traditional investment vehicles by banks.

+++ Impact Investors are investors and savers who, beyond financial gain, seek to impact and actively shape society as well as the real economy, thus giving meaning to their savings and investments. +++


You get to choose. Lend or invest your money in companies or innovative products & services of the real economy to boost the creation of jobs. Or donate to charitable causes. Find the perfect match with your aspirations, areas of interest, and preferences. Share your human and/or entrepreneurial values with others in our community.

And all of this:

  • with no necessary prior knowledge, as hubokee provides the information necessary for your understand crowdfunding,
  • while understand the financial risk you might take
  • while respecting your financial means to crowdfund,
  • starting from the first euro, dollar, pound, renminbi... you get the idea.

Check out our LEARN section here with lots of content and information still to come as well as our crowdfunding lexicon, FAQ, … 

Make it simple, but significant

With hubokee you have a package of services at your fingertips, simplifying crowdfunding and facilitating your investments in local, national and even international crowdfunding opportunities. You have access to:

  • information necessary for your correct understanding of crowdfunding and collaborative finance,
  • the broadest crowdfunding and consumer-centric offer in a single account across all types of crowdfunding and diverse domains, industries and markets as well as countries,
  • customized experience where we put first & in the center of our attention your areas of interest, preferences, values, knowledge and financial capacity to crowdfund,
  • diversity and choice of crowdfunding investment opportunities in a single-entry point
  • tools to compare crowdfunding opportunities and to simulate your investments and your expected return on investment,
  • simplified and aligned transactions directly from and to your personal bank accounts or by credit card for all of your crowdfunding activities so that you remain the captain on board,
  • 360° overview of your transactions and investments centralized in your single account to follow up or manage and pilot your crowdfunding activities,

 and tomorrow still many other services…

Imagine a world in which you are the hero... with crowdfunding

Imagine your money stops sleeping in your bank account while being slowly but steadily reduced by inflation or fees of your bank. Imagine you're investing or lending your money and you still know exactly how it is use, for what purpose and who will benefit from. 

You have super powers. Watch the video how we help you to deploy them.

Imagine you contribute to the innovation of products and services and the creation of jobs and companies of the real economy – becoming a hero of entrepreneurs, business founders & business enthusiasts and of your local, national economy or even internationally.

I show the hero in me. Bring me to the crowdfunding opportunities now

Achieve more than just financial gain

Your investment, loan or donation gives you more in return than just a financial gain or the satisfaction of supporting a charitable cause.

Your investment in a company (through the acquisition of shares) is like a ticket to board an entrepreneurial adventure alongside the entrepreneur. Your loan might help a venture to grow its business activity, accomplish a market launch, drive innovation, create jobs or improve sustainable development.

You had success in life and want to share some of it with others? With your donation you give something back to society through charitable causes you value. The power of many and shared values with our crowdfunding community can make THE difference.

Collaborative finance, understandable and accessible to everyone

Our FinTech start-up is innovating and matching financial and technological innovations to strive for new means to manage and reinvest financial assets. That’s why we envision and put into practice the financial world of tomorrow – together with our community.

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Becoming part of our community is so much more than just becoming part of another online community. Share your areas of interest, values and convictions in common with other members or learn more about collaborative finance. It might be your life changing decision to become an Impact Investor and part of a more meaningful financial world. A financial world for the people, by the people.

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