You're the boss, at hubokee... for collaborative finance via crowdfunding

A team that thinks first and foremost inclusion and value creation for all stakeholders, but especially obsess over community members.

Creating financial services and technologies fully adapted to human behavior and customer needs is to underpin first and foremost inclusion and the people expertises, skills and talents of our ecosystem. These are our most important assets and differentiators. It means that our business is always and foremost people business. Our digital financial services are designed and thought consumer first. 

Our leitmotiv: “Crowdfunding made easy”. Our vision: "A financial world for the people, by the people".

Our human capital and our entrepreneurial network reflects hubokee's collective intelligence

It translates into our business approach, in which the contact with members of our community through our financial services is of utmost importance. Together with serving the common good and value creation for all our stakeholders. Our human capital is founded on our greatest asset, our team. We encourage and expect of our teammates to think like an entrepreneur, together with an action taking attitude. Each team member can provide ideas and defending them. This forms the hubokee team we are. Ready to start from scratch. In a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment, with an open-minded attitude.

The day always starts with sunrise – ready to start from scratch and to seize opportunities to outperform

What environmental impact? What energy consumption and use of resources? Which service providers and business partners under what conditions? What work organization? How to trust – in the willingness and ability of an enterprise to participate to the common good, respecting human beings and nature? These are only some of consumers' questions while opting for services or even patronize one business over another. It is up to us to answer those questions, be willing to start from scratch and take actions to seize opportunities to continuously improve and outperform.

Dominique B. Matzutat
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