hey & welcome TO a FINAncial world for the people, by the people

hubokee changes this.

The mission builds into the ambition to strive for and give meaning to investments through the opportunity to invest your financial assets directly in companies and people as well as their projects and innovations.

We are calling this collaborative finance via crowdfunding. And we not only hold this vision of a new financial world as #TheTomorrowFinance. It is shared by other entrepreneurs, organizations and financial institutions. All of them as part of our approach of "A financial world for the people by the people".

Discover hubokee's ambition in 1 minute and wath the video

hubokee connects its members (you as impact investor) with companies and makers of tomorrow, thanks to our network of partnering crowdfunding platforms. Our members, who look beyond financial gain and seek to contribute directly to the development of companies and the creation of jobs, boosting innovation and sustainable development in the transformation of society.

You get the broadest choice and variety of crowdfunding opportunities through our solution as superstore of international financial instruments in crowdfunding. Manage and orchestrate your investment portfolio with a unique financial dashboard. 

BE PART OF A CHANGING WORLD and watch #TheTomorrowFinance by hubokee in 2 minutes

Give your money a meaning while resonating with your goals and projects in life and putting your dreams into action. Lend, invest in shares, bonds, real estate, and royalties, or simply donate.

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